Ecommerce Pazo Gil Casares – Camellia oil

tenda online pazo gil casares aceite de camelia Pazo Gil Casares commissioned us to design a simple online store to take a first step in the marketing of its main product, camellia oil. After telling us their idea and their project for the future, we didn’t hesitate to get our hands on it to have it ready as soon as possible. In their website you can find cosmetic products made with 100% Galician camellia essential oil.


Web design Punto & Aparte Vigo

Deseño web Punto & Aparte Vigo

Deseño web Punto & Aparte VigoPunto & Aparte is a multidisciplinary health center in Vigo specializing in respectful parenting, positive discipline and family therapy, specialists in psychology, speech therapy and early care..

They had a very careful image that they wanted to respect to the fullest and we were responsible for making an aseptic, modern and very corporate website.


Web design Jorge Lens Photography

Deseño web Jorge Lens

deseño web jorge lensJorge Lens is a renowned photographer who has been publishing and participating in numerous national and international conferences for years. For his website he wanted a very Spartan design, with clear prominence of photography.

Combining both aspects we found the key and we got a very linear web, with a design far from the mainstream, but without forgetting something as important these days as navigability in different devices.


Web and graphic design De la Torre Traducciones

Deseño web De la Torre Traducciones

Deseño web e gráfico de la torre traduccionesDelatorretraducciones is a project designed by the translator Elisa de la Torre, which in addition to general translation offers technical, musical, gastronomic and text correction services.

Once again we work hand in hand with Alltogether Design who were responsible for the design of your logo and business card. For our part we made the integral design of your website, following the “one page” style.