Web and graphic design De la Torre Traducciones

Deseño web De la Torre Traducciones

Deseño web e gráfico de la torre traduccionesDelatorretraducciones is a project designed by the translator Elisa de la Torre, which in addition to general translation offers technical, musical, gastronomic and text correction services.

Once again we work hand in hand with Alltogether Design who were responsible for the design of your logo and business card. For our part we made the integral design of your website, following the “one page” style.

Web: delatorretraducciones.com

Web and graphic design La Veletta

Deseño web e gráfico La Veletta

deseño web la velettaLa Veletta is a small workshop of artisanal creation of all kinds of decorative elements, photo albums, details for weddings, birthdays, etc … It began as a tiny project in which everything was done by hand with great care and dedication, and we had the responsibility of making them a website that helps them keep growing.

We started by redesigning their logo and then they lent us their photos to try to reflect that handmade and creative character of the world of scrapbooking, resulting in a very visual and attractive website.

Web: laveletta.es

RAC Vigo golf posters

Cartelería torneos golf Real Aero Club de Vigo

Deseño de cartelería torneos de golf Real Aero Club de VigoOur relationship with the Real Aero Club of Vigo comes from afar. Since 2014 we are in charge of designing the posters of the numerous golf tournaments that are held in its facilities throughout the year. Knowing the importance of generating a return to their sponsors, they did not want to neglect the image, and there we entered to provide a small dose of creativity.