Web design The Rebel

Deseño web The Rebel

Deseño web The Rebel Opera RockWeb design for the promotion of the rock opera “The Rebel” created by Miguel and Iván Caride, which revolves around the figure of Padraig Pearse, leader of the Easter Rising, rebellion that took place in Ireland against the authority of the United Kingdom in 1916.

The task was to make a simple website respecting the original design lines of the booklet and the work itself.

Web: therebel.es

Web design David Amoedo

Deseño web Davida

Deseño web DavidaDavida Amoedo “aka” Davida is an artist from Vigo who needed a website where he could exhibit some of his works with categories as diverse as serigraphy, comic strips, posters or murals.

Its website is 100% visual, as a project of these characteristics deserves, and how can it be otherwise, mounted on WordPress, to provide him with a simple tool that he can manage without problems.

Web: daviamoedo.com